Professional and Friendly Exterminating Services in Western Pennsylvania

Here Are Our Unsurpassed Pest Control Services

High Quality Pest Management LLC is a full-service pest control business that serves Armstrong County and the surrounding region. Our experienced professionals offer free estimates and evaluations, and we give you solutions that best fit your needs. We will give you maximum protection against unwanted pests with highly effective services.
Call us at 724-919-2749 about our services.
The services we provide include:
Termites, one-year and 10-year guarentees
Preconstruciton Termites, 10-year guarentee
Insect Termination: spiders, stink bugs, all beetles, roaches, fleas, all types of bees, centipedes, gnats, ticks, silver fish, ants, bed bugs, flies, etc.
Mosquito control
Rodent control
Bat Exclusions
Bird Exclusions
Outdoor Tick Control – Rid your property of ticks and the dangers of Lyme Disease
Grub Control
Real Estate Inspections for Wood Destroying Insects
Weed Control
Mold Remediation
Swarm of termites

If it Looks Like a Flying Ant, it Could be a Termite Swarm

If it is spring and you see what looks like flying ants around your home, it could be a termite swarm. They are looking for a new place to cause a lot of destruction. Also, termites discard their wings after mating, so if you see a pile of wings, that is a sign of termites. Do not try to get rid of them with bait stations because they will not work. Call High Quality Pest Management for our extermination services, which have one-year and 10-year guarantees. Our preconstruction termite services have a 10-year guarantee.
Image of a stink bug

Get Rid of the Stink Bugs Before They Become a Problem

When the weather starts to get colder, stink bugs come out of the trees and appear in warm places like your home. Stink bugs do not harm you or create damage, but they produce a strong odor as a defense mechanism. When they find a good place to hibernate, they emit a pheromone that draws other stink bugs. Call us today so we can treat inside and outside of your home to ward off these pests.

Regular Pest Control Maintenance is Available

Depending on the service and what pest you want to get rid of, some treatments only need one application. But High Quality Pest Management offers regular maintenance services with weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and bi-yearly (spring/fall) plans. We will recommend a service for your home or business that works for you.

Here Are Some Tips to Keep the Pests Away

No matter how clean your home or business is, pests of all kinds can creep in on pets, clothes and shoes. Our maintenance plans and some preventative measures by you can keep them from coming back.
Some tips to follow include:
Regularly vacuum underneath furniture.
Replace white porch light bulbs with yellow fluorescent bulbs.
Do not allow water to collect anywhere outside.
Cut tall grass near your home.
Keep your garbage covered.